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France is a country in Western Europe, including several overseas territories located on other continents. The main distinguishing feature of France from other European countries is its access to the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. It borders Monaco, Andorra, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and thanks to its overseas territories it has land borders with the Netherlands, Brazil and Suriname. It is separated from the UK by the narrow Channel of the Channel.

France has a highly developed economy. The diverse climate influences the specialization of agriculture. France is Europe's leading producer of wheat, milk, meat, potatoes, sugar beets and grapes. The country has a tradition in the sewing industry. French wines, furniture, porcelain, jewelry and perfumery are world-famous. The production of cars, planes, rockets, ships has been developed.

Grand Logistiks Ltd. offers transportation services for groupage and complete loads from and to France.