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Turkey is a country whose territory is almost entirely located in Asia (97%) and the remaining 3% - on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe, but more than 20% of its population lives on the Balkan Peninsula. It borders east with Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran; to the south - with Iraq and Syria; to the west - with the Aegean Sea and the islands in it, Greece and the Bulgarians.

Leading industries in the Turkish economy are agriculture, industry, the service sector. Coal, oil, chromium, tungsten, copper, bauxite, sulfur are extracted. Turkey is the second largest textile supplier to the EU and is one of the largest producers of fruits and vegetables in Europe.
Export: textiles, clothing, appliances, motor vehicles and mega yachts (yachts over 25 meters long).

Grand Logistiks Ltd. offers transportation services for groupage and full loads from and to Turkey.