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Road transport

“Grand Logistiks” EOOD provides a wide range of services in the Road Transport Industry, and namely:

  • Road transport*To organise and transport both groupage consignments and full loads by road
  • *Transport by refrigerated and flatbed cars
  • *Transport of dangerous dangerous and/or hazardous goods
  • *Inland transport
  • *Delivery of cargo "from door to door"
  • *A third party logistics organisation
  • *Warehousing. Re-export. Free zones.  Goods  storage under customs control
  • *Customs clearance in Russia
  • *Russian Driver’s Visa
  • *To provide beneficial offers and favorabletransport schemes in compliance with the freight and individual requirements of our customers
  • *To provide daily information on the movement and transportation
  • *To provide comprehensive and professional advice on all transport matters referred to your goods 

“Grand Logistiks” EOOD offers a transportation service that will reduce your transport costs and an opportunity to expand your trading horizon, granting you security and tranquility. CMR Insurance will hold your freight covered, ensuring the safety and security of each mode of transport. As a result from the effectiveness and efficiency of the flexible decision making, the quality and competitiveness of services offered, the Company enjoys a good reputation among its Bulgarian and foreign partners.

“Grand Logistiks” EOOD offers a wide variety of services to help you choose the best Logistics Solution.

“Grand Logistiks” EOOD runs its business activity on the territory of the:

    • *EU Member States
    • *Countries on the Balkan Peninsula
    • *CIS-countries
    • *Middle Eastern Countries


Road transportGrand Logistiks Ltd offers freight transport by rail in Bulgaria, from Bulgaria to Russia and back, also Ukraine, Turkey and throughout Europe, as well as from China, with delivery to Bulgaria and back.

Transportation from and to Russia, as well as from and to the former Soviet republics (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, etc.) is carried out via the ferry connections Varna ferry - Caucasus, Varna ferry - Poti / Batumi and from and to Ukraine via the ferry connection Varna ferry - Chernomorsk. The ferries carry out direct transport of wagons and trucks.

Most often, wagons transport various concentrates and raw materials for the metallurgical industry, bulk goods such as cereals, cement, etc. Other goods that are characteristic of the railway are the various types of metals (fittings, coils, scrap, etc.), machinery, equipment, all kinds of equipment. Dangerous goods such as fuels and various types of acids are often transported. Packaged goods can also be transported in big bags, pallets, etc.

*** The condition for the cargo to be transported by rail is to have a minimum quantity of 20 tons. Groupage shipments are not typical for rail transport.

Rail transport is the safest, most cost-effective and most environmentally friendly mode of freight transport. Rail freight can save you time and money.

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