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Warehouse logistics

“Grand Logistics” EOOD also offers solutions in the field of warehousing to comply with the customers' specific requirements.

“Grand Logistics” EOOD is able to provide high storage capacity, to take care of the rapid transfer of freight and warehousing according to the Branch Rules, as well as of the prompt distribution. Efficient flow of commodities and information ensure that you will be carefree and focus on your core business!

“Grand Logistics” EOOD has its own stores, fitted with ventilation systems, air intake filtration, controlled temperature, safety products floor coating. Storerooms are designed in such a way as to prevent any access points of rodents and pests.

“Grand Logistics” EOOD’s storerooms capacity and conditions provide an opportunity for the management and storage of peripheral goods, of goods to be kept under special temperature control, of dangerous goods with hazardous properties (RID/ADR/IMDG/IATA DGR), of goods under customs control, etc.


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